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Check it out! New videos up at Miss Sativa’s Burn Journal.. #Unboxing the new #oilrig … My Mom’s first #dab … and more later today!

The Burn Journal is a place you can find thorough, up to date reviews on strains currently carried by #BayArea #dispensaries and delivery services, plus grow tips, #weedporn, info on local festivities and activism events, #stoner recipes, and much, much more!

Hey everyone, sorry for being such a lag! I made a mothers day video with my mom and have been going crazy trying to export it out of iMovie HD with decent resolution. I’ve got it finally figured out, and now all thats left is to wait for it to finish compressing! This gif is just a sneak peak of my belated mothers day video that should be posted very very soon, complete with the unboxing of my new #oilrig , my first real dab on a nail (as well as my mom’s!), and my explanation of the reverse dabber…. cant wait to show you all! The anticipation’s been killing me!

Introducing my clones from Harborside Oakland that live in my yard: Harlequin, Omrita Rx3, Dream Queen, Sweet Tooth, Chernobyl, and Lamb’s Bread. We have trimmed the tops off most of these puppies, and are planning to likely train them using a SCROG method.

I’ll be introducing my indoor babies soon, and taking you on a journey from seed to harvest to new generations and new strains! Follow my blog to stay in the loop!

We’ll be posting…..

  • reviews, photos, and video highlights of the flowers, concentrates and other products we pick up from local (San Francisco Bay Area) medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services
  • evaluations of dispensaries and delivery services
  • medical marijuana industry & activism news & events
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