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not the classiest of oil rigs, but she’ll do til we can get a real bong! Grabbed this 4-arm perc oil rig and also a quartz nail with a deep bowl from for under $55, shipping included! I think when we bust out the cashh for a real bong, its gonna be the knock off of the Molino’s Mad Scientist, plus a glycerin precooler. 

I had a 3-holed concentrate pipe… a reverse dabber or a hot dabber if you will? Well, I actually had 2. They both died :((( So I ordered this lil oil setup, and she’s almost here! I cant wait!!!!! will be showing her off with some Girl Scout Cookie Dough dabs…. fuck yahhhh! Cant wait to be back on! 

More soon, with real pics, and maybe even a video.. Sativa OUUT

Introducing my clones from Harborside Oakland that live in my yard: Harlequin, Omrita Rx3, Dream Queen, Sweet Tooth, Chernobyl, and Lamb’s Bread. We have trimmed the tops off most of these puppies, and are planning to likely train them using a SCROG method.

I’ll be introducing my indoor babies soon, and taking you on a journey from seed to harvest to new generations and new strains! Follow my blog to stay in the loop!

We’ll be posting…..

  • reviews, photos, and video highlights of the flowers, concentrates and other products we pick up from local (San Francisco Bay Area) medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services
  • evaluations of dispensaries and delivery services
  • medical marijuana industry & activism news & events
  • garden tips, tricks & fun facts


Hey! Hey you!! YEAH! YOU!!!!  Follow my blog to stay in the loop!

We’ll be posting…..

  • reviews, photos, and video highlights of the flowers, concentrates and other products we pick up from local (San Francisco Bay Area) medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services
  • evaluations of dispensaries and delivery services
  • medical marijuana industry & activism news & events
  • garden tips, tricks & fun facts

Super Grape Ape a.k.a. Silver Back - TropiCanna Delivery

Medical Marijuana Strain Evaluation Form
From Treating Yourself Magazine

Strain: “Super Grape Ape” a.k.a. Silver Back
Genetics: Indica dominant hybrid
Lineage: Grape Ape x Super Silver Haze
Breeder: Apothecary Genetics
Vendor: TropiCanna Delivery: Brentwood, CA
Grower: Unknown
Date: 4/30/12

Physical Examination

1. Visual Appeal, rate 1 (low) to 10 (high): 9

2. Visible Trichomes, 1 (none) to 10 (totally covered): 8

3. Colors present in trichome heads under magnification:
Clear:            Cloudy:             Amber:            Dark:   

4. Colors present in buds, on 1-9 scale light to dark:
Brown: 0       Green: 2, 4        Gold: 0          Blue: 0      Red: 0     White: 6
Rust: 0          Orange: 4         Purple: 3, 9    Black: 8     Grey: 0  

5. Bud density, 1 to 10 (airy-dense): 8

6. Aroma descriptors, 1 to 9 on freshly broken bud (subtle to pronounced):
Ammonia: 0     Earthy: 2              Licorice: 0             Peach: 3             Berry: 5
Floral: 1           Mango: 8              Pepper: 0             Blueberry: 7        Fruit: 8 
Meat: 0            Petroleum: 0         Bubblegum: 0       Grape: 9             Melon: 4
Pine: 0             Cedar: 0               Grapefruit: 0         Menthol: 0          Citrus: 0

7. Aroma, 1 to 10 (repulsive-delightful): 8.5

8. Seed content, 0-10 (none-fully seeded): 0

9. Weeks cured, if known: Unknown

Physical Examination Comments: Upon inspecting the buds, the parent strains became obvious: the distinct orange hairs of Super Silver Haze, Grape Ape’s rich, varying hues of green and purple, and the dense layer of trichomes that characterize both parents. The outside of the buds are a deep forest green that’s just littered with copper-orange hairs and bits of blackish purple sugar leaf lingering amongst the flowers, and in some buds, the blackish purple color has taken over the bouquet completely. Breaking open a bud, the colors from the outside lighten in hue to lavender and golden pale-green, and reveal an even denser coat of trichomes closer to the stem that glows a pale golden color.


1. Utensils and method consumed: Smoked with hemp wick in an absurdly large glass pipe

2. Taste descriptors, 1 to 9 (subtle-pronounced):
Ammonia:        Earthy: 4          Licorice:              Peach:                 Berry: 3
Floral:             Mango:             Pepper: 1            Blueberry: 2          Fruit: 4
Meat:              Petroleum:        Bubblegum: 1      Grape: 5               Melon: 
Pine:               Cedar:              Grapefruit:          Menthol/Mint:        Pineapple: 
Cherry:           Grass/Hay:        Rotten:               Chocolate:             Hash: 3
Mold:              Skunk: 5           Citrus:                Iron/Rust:             Musk: 7
Spices: 6         Coconut:           Leather:             Nutmeg:                Strawberry: 
Coffee:            Lemon: 1          Orange:              Vanilla:                 Chemical Fertilizers: 8

3. Taste, 1 to 10 (unpleasant-delicious): 5

4. State of dryness, 1 to 10 (wet-dry) where 5 is ideal: 5

5. Smoke-ability, 1 to 10 (harsh-smooth), if applicable: 4

6. Smoke expansion, 1 to 10 (stable to explodes): 2

Usage Comments: It only take about a minute for the first effects to onset; an obvious, stoney, heaviness creeps up behind your eyes. Soon after you finish your bowl or joint, you’ll begin to feel the effects of this Indica dominant hybrid. You will feel an unreal body high that will send wonderful tingling sensations through your body. The effects of the Sativa lineage will also be apparent when you feel a mellow sense of blissful well-being wash away any sense of anxiety or depression. This is one of those all around awesome strains; it can be used in smaller dosages for a blissful and motivating midday smoke, or it may be consumed in larger amounts to knock out pain and insomnia after dark. 

Follow-up Questions

1. Dosage to reach desired effect: Ender and I split a Half gram

2. Effect onset, 1 to 10 (immediate-major creeper): 3

3. Sativa influence, 1-10 (head effect none to extreme): 5

4. Indica influence, 1-10 (body effect none to extreme): 8

5. Potency, 1-10 (none-devastating); 8

6. Duration of effect: 3 hours

7. Tolerance build up, 1-10: 2

8. Usability, 1-9 (1 undesirable time to use, to 9 desirable time to use):
Morning/wake up: 1
Day/work: 3
Evening/relax: 8
Night/sleep: 9

9. Overall satisfaction, 1-10: 9

10. Ability and conditions, 1-10 (rate your own ability to judge, knowledge, and expertise): 9

11. Do you personally consider this strain a keeper for long term use? Yes, this is such an all around wonderful strain, with so many medical benefits and uses.

12. What effect did the strain have? Write “P” if positive and “N” if negative.
P-Ability to rest or sit still
P-Anxiety relief
P-Audio perception
P-Humor perception
P-Pain relief
P-Pain perception/distracts from pain
P-Paranoia relief
P-Sex drive
N-Speech process
N-Taste perception
N-Thought process
P-Visual perception

Extended Medical Survey, 
write ”P” for positive, otherwise leave blank:

P-Anorexia/appetite stimulant
P-Arthritis/musculoskeletal pain
P-Muscle spasms
P-Panic Attack/Anxiety
P-Peripheral nerve pain
P-Sedative/opiate dependence

A bit of an over-share, followed by a review of TropiCanna Delivery Service

Here’s my first review, and first entry of substance other than my personal introduction. On Thursday I went into the city to sign some paperwork at school and I stopped by Sparc, and grabbed a 4 gram special of the Dutch Treat Melt… I also brought in the last half of a quarter ounce of Purple Kush that I felt wasn’t up to par with their regular stuff, and an eighth of similarly priced Granddaddy Purple to show the quality I was expecting the PK to match, due to similar THC content.

They wouldn’t exchange the Purple Kush, which was fine, at least I got 4 grams of Dutch Treat to share with my boyfriend, Indica, for his birthday on the 27th. I ended up lingering in San Francisco to hang out with my friend Ken; we medicated at Sparc, made some trouble in the Mission, wasted some time wandering about, and then we decided to stop in Oakland at Nation’s for some burgers. Time had just slipped away and it was about 11 PM, and since I live in the ghetto I guess I thought I could just blend in and not be noticed like usual… Big mistake.

My medicine was just in a clear bag in my purse, and I guess the guy in line behind me at the liquor store I stopped in noticed it. Outside, I began to work out the directions to Nation’s on my phone, when they robbed me. Mine AND my boyfriend’s Driver’s License, my ATM card, a quarter ounce of top shelf Indica, 4 grams of high grade water hash, my Bible, and my Bible study guide: gone forever.

Happy Birthday, Indy, baby.

Turns out I fractured a bone in my hand; when I chased after them, I just barely missed their car door before it swung closed and while I tried pulling it open, they sped off and I was thrown back into the street, tumbling and scraping my elbows and knees, but landing on my hand at the end.

Anyways, I had to find a way to make up Indy’s birthday, so I ordered some top shelf meds from TropiCanna Delivery Service in Brentwood, CA. They were an hour late, but they did throw us a free 4x dose Stroop Waffle for Indy’s birthday. The guy who runs this delivery service has great customer service, and the quality of his concentrates and buds are so choice; I’d say he has the best in the east bay, for delivery services. They could have done a discount for being late though, because they usually do.. Oh well! I’m more than satisfied with the product.

For $160 we got 1 gram of “Super Grape Ape” (Silver Back), 1 gram of Kandy Kush, 2 grams of Diablo OG “Wax” (what appears to be CO2 taffy), 1 gram of Jilly Bean “Wax”, and 1 gram of Blue Champagne “Wax”, and the free quad dose Stroop waffle. Everything was awesome… Couldn’t have asked for more. When we called, they even had the decency to recommend against something we ordered, as they knew it wouldn’t be up to par with our standards of quality… Now that is service!

Stay tuned for some in-depth reviews on the strains I picked up for Indy’s birthday!

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